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This public domain tool promotes rainwater management and green development practices

The vision for the Water Balance Model powered by QUALHYMO as a decision support tool that bridges engineering and planning is that it will help communities create neighbourhoods that integrate both good planning and innovative engineering designs, for overall objectives of greater sustainability, such as:

  • minimal environmental impacts
  • enhanced social values
  • economic stability, and
  • recreational opportunities

The desired outcomes of the program which led to the Water Balance Model powered by QUALHYMO encompass not only the computational capabilities of the tool, but extend to promoting improved land use planning practices and to influence the greening of the built environment so that stream health is protected.

The Water Balance Model powered by QUALHYMO is a tool that is simple to use, yet can provide detailed calculations needed by designers. The intelligent interface allows users with different levels of technical knowledge to benefit from its use.

Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia The Water Balance Model is a not-for-profit initiative of the Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia. While model development and enhancement is primarily funded by government grants, the ongoing maintenance of the portal is funded through annual subscription fees.

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