Who We Are

The Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC is a legal entity, incorporated in 2010 as a not-for-profit society, and delivers services on behalf of government. It originated as an inter-governmental partnership, formed in 2002 to fund and develop the Water Balance Model as a web-based decision support tool.

To Learn More:

Visit http://waterbucket.ca/atp/

Our History

When the Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia (Action Plan) was released in 2004, the Water Balance Model for BC was the centrepiece initiative. Action Plan experience informed development of Living Water Smart, British Columbia’s Water Plan, released in 2008, as well as the parallel Green Communities Initiative.

The Partnership is the hub for a “convening for action” network in the local government setting, is responsible for delivering the Action Plan program through partnerships and collaboration, and embraces a vision for shared responsibility where all the players align their efforts for the common good. The Action Plan program includes the Georgia Basin Inter-Regional Education Initiative.

The Partnership for Water Sustainability plays a bridging role between Province, local government and community; and is the steward for Stormwater Planning: A Guidebook for British Columbia, a provincial guidance document released in 2002.