Free 30-Day Trial Account Enables General Users to Test Model Capabilities

There are three categories of model users, each with a different degree of access to the various features of the tool:

  • General (Trial) User: Has limited access and no flexibility to customize, and will be restricted to default project type. Only allowed to create projects up to one acre. The account and any scenarios created by the General User will be deleted thirty (30) days from the date of registration.
  • Paying Subscriber: Any individual, company or group that pays an annual “fee for service” ($1000 plus GST) will have password-protected access that provides some flexibility to customize values for some input parameters. Scenarios created by Paying Subscribers or members of subscribing groups will remain in the database for the duration of the subscription period. To learn more about the protocol for becoming a Paying Subscriber, contact
  • Project Partner: Has password-protected access and total flexibility to customize the database for input parameters, and can contribute to the community.